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Measuring Guide

MeasureDiagram4MeasureDiagram3There are two fitting options for your new window blind. You can choose to have your blind manufactured to either fit inside the window recess (“Recess Size”) or to hang outside your window recess (“exact size”)

measure the installation height of the blind, this should be taken by measuring the distance from the floor to the point the blind head rail will be installed. This measurement is essential to ensure your blind complies to child safety legislation.

Please check for window handles, tilting windows, window vents, tiles, cables etc when measuring for your blinds as these might obstruct the blind when fitted;

Clarify whether your measurements are “Exact Size” or “Recess size”.

Measuring inside recess (“recess size”)


when measuring inside the window recess, measure the width in several places to allow for any variation or irregularity in your windows. The size quoted should be the smallest width and drop measurement.

When making your blind, we will takes 10mms off your recess measurements to ensure that the blinds fits snugly inside the window recess. This does not apply, however, with the roller blinds; but the actual fabric size of roller blinds will be 35mm narrower than the measurements you give us.

Measuring outside recess (“exact size”)


When measuring outside the window recess, measure the width desired to cover your window fully. We recommend an overlap of 70mm on the width and drop.

Please note that with Roller Blinds the actual fabric width size will be 35mm narrower than the overall measurements you have given us; please ensure that this still gives sufficient coverage.

When manufacturing your blind, we will make the blind to the measurements you have given us.

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Sizes should ALWAYS be given as Width x drop x Fixing height. The fixing height is the distance from the floor to the point where the brackets are to be fitted. Inch sizes will be converted. Blinds will be manufactured in METRIC sizes.

Conversion uses the formula: 25.4mm = 1 inch

blinds are ordered as “Recess Size” will have a deduction of 15mm for fitting allowance made as standard

Bay window sets or side­by­side blinds must be notified at the time of ordering. Sizes for bay window sets will be taken as “finished size”. Special cuts for tiles, handles etc will be chargeable at £20 per blind.

Cancellations must be made in writing by e­mail or fax and will not be accepted once production has started.

Claims for damage must be made within 24 hours.

We recommend signing for all goods as “un­checked” unless you physically check for damage in transit, and indicate “damaged” otherwise damage ­in ­transit claims cannot be accepted.

SLX wood venetian Blinds comply with the British and European safety standard for internal blinds BS EN 13120:2009 +A1:2014 SLX wood venetian blinds have braided ladder strings, cord lift and cord tilt controls as standard.

Ladder Tape options are available on all SLX wood venetian blind. Tape colour and size, where optional, must be specified at time of order if not, standard strings will be supplied as default.

Cord Tilt control is left side only. cord lift control is right side only.

Headroom size for 25/35mm Blinds :­40mm Deep x 37mm high

Headroom size for 50/63mm Blinds:­60mm Deep x 54mm High

SLX wood venetian blinds are custom finished to your given sizes to the nearest practical tolerance width tolerance +/­ 5mm. Height tolerance. Height tolerance nearest sting pitch + 1 extra slat.

Valances are supplied box­size un­cut except where requested. Longer than standard length are available on request but may not be an exact colour match. Tolerance on cut length +/­ 5mm.

Wood Venetian Blinds are not blackout blinds. NATURAL WOOD SLATS May contain variations in grain, base colour and texture. There is a possibility of some minor warping of slats. These natural characteristics are not considered a fault in the timber.


Colour variation is possible from batch to batch. Whilst we try to complete orders from the same batch, if this is not possible the closest match will be supplied. If blinds are used for Bay Window sets or are side­by­side this must be notified at the time of cooking.


the U.V. protective coating applied on the slats is guaranteed for 1 year from date of production. beyond that period some deterioration or fading may occur depending on local conditions.


Are made form a mixture of fibres and are not guaranteed against colour fading.


Headrails, mechanisms, cords etc are guaranteed for 2 years from date of production, subject to normal use and general wear & tear Any re­assembly, cutting, trimming or alterations not carried out by Styleline blinds, may invalidate this guarantee.


Devices supplied separately are replaceable components. Please ask for details.


We reserve the right to modify the specification or components as required without advance notice. Photographs used in SLX literature etc are illustrative and may not match finished production blinds.

View our child safety brochure here