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Measuring Guide

MeasureDiagram4MeasureDiagram3There are two fitting options for your new window blind. You can choose to have your blind manufactured to either fit inside the window recess (“Recess Size”) or to hang outside your window recess (“exact size”)

measure the installation height of the blind, this should be taken by measuring the distance from the floor to the point the blind head rail will be installed. This measurement is essential to ensure your blind complies to child safety legislation.

Please check for window handles, tilting windows, window vents, tiles, cables etc when measuring for your blinds as these might obstruct the blind when fitted;

Clarify whether your measurements are “Exact Size” or “Recess size”.

Measuring inside recess (“recess size”)


when measuring inside the window recess, measure the width in several places to allow for any variation or irregularity in your windows. The size quoted should be the smallest width and drop measurement.

When making your blind, we will takes 10mms off your recess measurements to ensure that the blinds fits snugly inside the window recess. This does not apply, however, with the roller blinds; but the actual fabric size of roller blinds will be 35mm narrower than the measurements you give us.

Measuring outside recess (“exact size”)


When measuring outside the window recess, measure the width desired to cover your window fully. We recommend an overlap of 70mm on the width and drop.

Please note that with Roller Blinds the actual fabric width size will be 35mm narrower than the overall measurements you have given us; please ensure that this still gives sufficient coverage.

When manufacturing your blind, we will make the blind to the measurements you have given us.

View our child safety brochure here